Our Story

Spillin the Tea on how we came to be

I’m Elexsis, I  have always been fascinated by tea. I have been drinking tea since I was a child. Growing up in a household were both of my parents love to drink tea. I could always depend on my mother to make a pitcher of sunkiss tea in the summer. Which was a family favorite.  Everyone would come together and sit in the sunroom and talk about their day while sipping iced sunkissed tea. Then as I got older in the fall and winter I would brew up a cup of hot tea and call my family and friends to catch up on life.  As a child, while riding home with my father. He would always instill in me the idea of having my own business. Now today I can say that I have been blessed to finally do so. As a tea lover my goal is to create a conversation amongst family and friends. Allowing everyone to enjoy the moment while spilling the tea.

Spillin The Tea, a Tea Company, was created by a tea lover. All are welcomed.  We seek to provide aromatic herbal teas and infused honey. Tea’s that can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Our mission is to create fresh and flavorful teas that everyone will enjoy and love. Our tea allows you to focus and live in the moment. We are a loose leaf tea company that is centered around helping the body heal from the inside out. Brewing and steeping loose leaf tea is so easy and important for our health and culture. All are welcomed to have a seat and begin Spillin the  tea with your loved ones.